Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I love

After my whiney post yesterday... here are some things I love.

I love that my 5 year old son can unload the dishwasher and will readily do it for a quarter.

Despite how much I hate dragging my sorry butt out of bed early, I love getting up early and having time to  collect myself before the day starts.

I love a nice, warm cup of coffee with cream.

I love that I have 3 books sitting on my desk right now to read.  2 to review and 1 for a book club.  And that I just finished some novels my dad lent me months ago.  I love reading and I'm so glad I'm reading again.  It's a part of myself I let go years before and I'm happy to find it again.

Even though I HATE Finny's tantrums, I love the quiet and calm that comes after.

I love that Will is obsessed with hydrogen energy right now and that I had a hard time getting him to bed last night because he kept telling me about the benefits of using hydrogen as an energy source.

I love that Finleigh is finally starting to follow spoken directions.

I love having people I can bounce ideas off of and know that they will give me the benefit of the doubt if I'm a little off.  Yes, I love being given the benefit of the doubt.

I love that everyday is a new day.

So, that's it.  My attempt at thankfulness this morning instead of complaining.

Have a good day...


  1. Hi Amanda! I've had your posts in my Google Reader but to be honest I'm not always best at keeping up with the blogs I'm "following." I always admire women who are very honest on their blogs and do not try to put on a fake face for their readers. I'm trying to get better at that although some of the people who read my blog are family members and people from my church (my husband is a worship pastor) so I often times do not feel I can be COMPLETELY honest, you know? Anyway, I'm glad you guys were able to get the house and I hope the move goes smoothly for you. I know it's easy to say, but don't worry about the house being immaculate or about the food being just right. Sometimes you do what you have to do to get through the moving times, and that sometimes means messes abound and pizza is often for dinner! And I understand about the weight thing, too. I had gained quite a bit from my three kids and have lost alot of it, but I'm always afraid of gaining it back and feeling like a failure! One day at a time!

  2. Hey, I needed that this morning - thanks for the reminder to look for the good stuff.

  3. I love that you are so human - tough days and good days - and willing to share.

    Love you!