Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Juice! Apple Juice even...

Thanks for you comments on my last post.  I didn't realize I was being hard on myself.  I wasn't feeling down on myself when I wrote the post (except for perhaps my weight), I was just trying explain why I haven't been blogging.  Anyways, I'm doing fine... just a dark tone to my post, I guess.

I am supposed to be cleaning my house.  I have people coming over tonight in 6 hours and here I am at the computer.  But before I get all responsible and domestic and stuff, I wanted to share a story about Finleigh.  It makes me happy.

Now, keep in mind that Finleigh's words sound garbled.  They're largely devoid of consonants and often uninterpretable outside of the specific situation they're meant for, but we're learning.  Like today at lunch when she laid down sideways on her chair on her back, hanging her head upside down.  "Upside down," she said.  It sounded like "uh-uh-own" It took us a minute to realize what she'd said. We didn't even know she knew what that was.  So, for the purpose of this story I'll write the proper words, but it doesn't really sound as clear as all that.

Anyways, to my story...

We have a struggle with Finleigh.  She likes to help herself to the kitchen.   It drives me crazy when 20 minutes after a meal, she's back in the kitchen looking for food.  Oy.  So, we're constantly shooing her out of the kitchen.  Just a few minutes ago I heard the fridge door open...

"Finleigh, what are you doing?"

"Juice!"  (which sounds like "oooose")

"Here, you can have your water bottle."  

"No, thank you.  Apple juice!" (Did you hear that entire, long sentence??? Two sentences even?)

"What do you say?"


"Okay, I'll get you a sippy cup.  Oops, they're both full of milk.  Would you like some milk?"

"No, thank you.  Apple juice!"

"Alright, let me just clean this out... Here you go." and I hand her the cup.  

"Thank you."

Not too bad, right?  Yup, we're coming along.  Still a far way to go, but we're coming along.  And today was the first time I've heard her say "apple" and "juice" together.

AND!  Not one meltdown in that entire exchange.

We may beat this thing yet.


  1. I remember writing down the 'sentences' my 4 year old finally said..she's now 6 and still has a hard time saying so many things but most people Yeah for Finleigh :) she'll do it.

  2. That's so great! Progress is awesome in any size.