Sunday, April 29, 2012


Gosh I miss blogging.

So, perhaps I should start blogging again.

I'm not really sure why I stopped. Except that my oldest asked me to stop talking about him and I felt like I needed to increase our privacy just a little bit. Then, I began school and didn't feel like I had time to blog. If I was sitting at the computer... it was to do homework.

Also? I'm finding that I have to share the computer an awful lot these days, with my kids all using it now... even Finleigh. My very own laptop is on my wish list. I'm hoping its something we can purchase before the summer is done.

I came on my blog this morning to set up that annoying word verification thing because I keep getting spam and found a very encouraging comment from E that I had not seen before. Sure, I get an email about all the spam I get, but not one about the encouraging, sweet comment from someone wondering if I was still alive.

And YES, I'm still alive. And we're doing well.

Life is much the same, and yet so different.

Hubby and I continue to struggle with our weight. I'm much heavier than I'd like to be... but have signed up to do a 10K in September, so I'm training now and hoping that I will get some of this weight back off. I'm down about 10 pounds, but it feels like nothing and that I have way too far to go.

Nate's rocking school. He's a "math whiz" - his teacher's words - and is reading now. It's so fun to have a child who's a good student. You know, that you can send to school, not worry about, and have him come home happy, having friends and doing well in school.

Finleigh's changed a lot - and yet it feels like nothing's changed. But since I've updated on here, she's talking quite well and communicating many of her needs. She still tantrums, but not like she used to. We've added alarms to the doors because we've had a few close calls with our little escape artist and she's still into everything.

And yet, she adds so very much joy to our lives.

My oldest, otherwise known as the boy who doesn't want me to tell Willepedia stories, is the one that consumes my thoughts these days. Once again, we have a child who is struggling in school, despite his high IQ. We had him tested again last year by a psychologist and he scored in the 98th percentile overall. Some was lower, some was higher, but over all? He's smart, to say the least. He also does NOT have Asperger's. We know that for sure now. It's close... he shows some similarities to it... but according to our beloved doc, he's just a quirky gifted kid.

I could, today, write pages on Will and his education and how frustrating it all is to see our bright child do so poorly in school, but I will save that for another day - if I do keep blogging.

Which I might.

But right now, my children are looking for breakfast, so I guess I should go.

So, for the 5 or so that may still have me on their readers, "Hi". Good to talk to you again. And maybe I'll update again soon!


  1. YEAH! I've missed you and am so glad to hear from you. I hope you are back for good!

  2. Good to read you again. I like staying in touch with you through your blog. I think I get to hear some things that I would never otherwise hear about. Please keep blogging. I think it is good for the soul!