Monday, July 8, 2013

Camp... or the day I got nothing done.

Finleigh gets to go to day camp for a week once a year. It was started a few years ago by the mom of an autistic boy who was sick of driving 8 hours to give her son an opportunity like summer camp. So, she worked her ass off, found sponsors, hired staff and we are now in our third year of camp.

Can I just tell you how much I respect this woman? She is wonderful. I like her a lot.

So, anyways, I've been counting down since school ended a week and a half ago. Finleigh's been into things more that usual and so I'm happy for the break. Plus, Finleigh loves, loves, LOVES camp. Every time we drive past where camp is held, I hear from the back seat, "My camp! My camp!!!" Which is quite often since we live only a few minutes away.

So, of course it would make sense that this morning as we were getting ready to go Finleigh would have a major freak out. Because that's just the way things go. I had to carry her to the car, kicking and screaming. I grabbed her shoes and backpack in one hand, her under my other arm and we headed out the door. She calmed down pretty quickly in the car and by the time we arrived her shoes were on and she was ready to go, running full force for 100 metres yelling, "My camp! Meghan! My camp!"

Meghan is her 1:1 this week. She will be busy.

Camp is six hours long. I've been looking forward to this time to get some real school work done.The boys are happy to play together - mostly. Go for bike rides, play mine craft. Do kid stuff. I think its important to let kids be kids and have lots of unstructured time. Plus, they get the house Finleigh free for a whole week. They can leave their bedroom doors open with no fear of destruction. I also plan to take them swimming this week. I'll sit on the side, working on homework. They'll swim to their heart's content.


So, what did I do this morning when I got home from dropping off a very excited Finleigh? The power was out, making it impossible to make a cup of coffee, so I promptly fell asleep. For 3 1/2 hours. Dead to the world. I vaguely remember telling the boys they could have a snack when they asked, but other than that? I was out.

So much for getting any homework done. Which wouldn't be so bad, except I still feel as tired as I felt when I got home this morning. This week may just become a week of resting, sleeping and recouping rather than sociological readings and papers. And I suppose that's okay. This whole school thing is still a question mark for me. Is it really what I should be doing? I'm not sure. But I do love it. Not as much as sleep apparently, but I love it nonetheless.

So now, with less than an hour to go until I pick up my whirlwind of an SMS'er, I'm blogging instead of homeworking (why can't homework be a verb?). Perhaps she'll be so tired from her day of adventure and fun that she'll fall asleep and let me catch up on all the work I managed to avoid doing today.

Or maybe I'll fall asleep. Again.

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  1. glorious sleep!...I do the same on the one day I get to myself a week. always big plans until I walk back through the door and then zzzzzzz. thems the breaks...I manage about 4-5 hours sleep a night so I count it as my catch up day. one day I will do something with it...just not today! Al x