Friday, July 26, 2013


Our annual tradition - since we just can't seem to fit camping in regularly since Finleigh's been born - is setting up the tent in the backyard.

The tent is on the smaller side, it doesn't fit all of us. So it was decided that the boys would sleep outside and the rest of us would sleep inside. Which suited the boys just fine (although we still kind of expect them to come running in scared) but, disappointed a little girl immensely...

You see, she was VERY excited with the tent going up. She helped put it up. She went to get the sleeping bags. She insisted on posing with the tent.


There isn't really room for an adult and all three kids in there, so we briefly discussed letting Finleigh sleep in the tent with the boys. The yard is secure, we know she wouldn't get out. But, we could see her coming into the house at who knows what time and wreaking untold havoc.

Fry up some eggs. Pour herself some juice. Walk out the front door.

So, we tried to make things fun for her too. She played out in the tent after it was up. And we set up a mini tent in our room for our own campout.

But this is only a small consolation.

She fell asleep okay at 8pm, but now at 11:30pm, she is awake and agitated. We're not sure if it's the tent issue or that we've reintroduced melatonin after a week of not using it (a story for another day).

So tomorrow night, maybe daddy and Finleigh will sleep out in the tent together. But first, things have quickly descended into madness here. Finleigh is in full blown meltdown mode and daddy is out reassuring one of our boys and trying to help them get to sleep.

So, I'd better go parent, I suppose. Not that there's much I can do until she settles down, but still.

Good night.

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