Saturday, July 6, 2013


Finleigh is systematically helping me clean out my cupboards. What a sweet girl she is to do it without me even having to ask. Yesterday she found the bay leaves and scattered them all over the living room floor. Well, they were pretty old, I'd been thinking it was time for new ones. Today she cleared out the dried parsley, which wasn't so bad, since I have fresh stuff growing in the garden. Then the powdered ginger got mixed in with the parsley. The ginger was new though, that must have been accidental. And finally some white powder. It could be baking soda, but seemed more like cream of tartar. I'm sure it was baking soda and she was just trying to clean up her mess like mommy does. 

And really... they do say that one should replace their spices every once in a while. Certainly more often than I do.

Then she moved over to the freezer to help me get rid of my stash of Java Jive Highlander Grogg. It was perhaps a little freezer burned, I suppose, but I WAS saving it. Now my house smells like a coffee shop - so she's deodorized my home too. Which is nice. And the Highlander Grogg smell reminds me of my friends and that makes me happy. 

I know what you're thinking. Watch your six year old and these things won't happen. But, this child is stealth when she wants to be. Stealth I tell you. And I may have accidentally dozed off on the couch for just a wee second. So, I know that she thought she'd surprise mommy and help with the housework. And how can I get mad at that?

Now, I just have to catch her in the act of doing it and get her to stop helping mommy because as much as I appreciate the help some things are just easier done on my own

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