Thursday, August 8, 2013


After all that stress and worrying, we are here. We made it to Vancouver. I'm sitting in my sister's kitchen, happy to be here, feeling ridiculous - once again - that I had myself so worked up about traveling.

The house got cleaned.

The things got packed. Mostly. So far, I've forgotten Finleigh's hairbrush. But we are in possession of passports and all necessary medications... so really... we're doing good.

Last minute, we decided to leave the evening before planned and we drove the 17 hours through the night. It was glorious to fall asleep before the mountain pass and wake up after it. My husband is my hero. For me, it was a pleasant drive.

Finleigh had a few outbursts on the way and at one point we had to take away all her things. We were driving along and then suddenly, we had a water bottle and then a container full of snacks come flying into the front seat. Not particularly safe. Not safe at all.

Scared the crap out of me.

So Brian stopped and anything hard was removed from her immediate reach. Not that she was impressed. At all. But at least we were safe.

A few hours later, I looked down at my watch and got a bit of a shock...

Our best guess is that my watch was hit when she threw her things in the car.

Obviously not a great quality watch, but I had just bought it. Because my favourite watch of all time stopped working. We still plan to have my favourite watch fixed, but this was to be a temporary solution.

Back to being watchless, I suppose.

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