Friday, September 6, 2013

The Harvest

So... I've been very blah this week. Very, very blah. I've been writing posts in my head all week. Some very self pitying. All very down. But instead of dwelling on that today, I thought I'd show you pictures of some of the veggies I managed to grow in my garden this year.

First, the potatoes... which look fabulous, but are woody and terrible. They are going into the compost - once I dig the rest out of the ground. I've been avoiding it. Hiding in my school work.

Yellow beans. They were yummy. I only had 4 seeds left over from last year, so I stuck them in the ground. And now they've all been eaten.

I attempted garlic this year. I suspect we don't have the best climate for it. These are the only two that grew... and they're not very mature. But, still. I grew garlic. 

And oh, my beets. How I've been loving my beets. Especially the greens. I've been cooking up the greens in a little bit of butter, cream, salt and pepper. Yummy. Yummy. Yum-my. I do think that beets will be a fixture in my garden for years to come. I still have a bunch in the ground. I go out, grab a few and then cook them up for supper. I feel so very... close to the ground. Farmer-ish. Embracing my rural roots, people.

Last but not least, carrots. Oh, how I love garden fresh carrots. Every time I eat one I think of my grandpa. He lived in the city, but he always had a small garden. We would journey to the centre of Canada - Winnipeg - most summers. I can still remember his smile as he would pull up a carrot for us and wash it off with the garden hose. I can't help but feel nostalgic. I wish he was still around to meet my kids. 

Don't be fooled by my pretty pictures. My garden is a mess. Half picked. Covered by weeds. The parsley is overgrown. It looks terrible. It really, really does. So, I've been hiding in my school work. As I mentioned before. 

But there is still life in there.

Carrots and beets. And gross potatoes with yellow, dead leaves. And a rogue sunflower from a seed that came from the sunflowers I grew last year. And a couple of rogue green onions - also from last year. And lots of insects and bugs and worms. And those nasty weeds - I may hate them, but they're still life. And my rhubarb plant that I'm convinced would continue to grow after an apocalypse. 

And we mustn't forget about our plum tree that bore us several hundred little plums. That make lovely platz. Those were Brian's joy this summer.

See? Wasn't that better than me complaining about our wonky sleep schedule, or my anxiety, or Finleigh's over the top tantrums?

Ya, I think so too.

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  1. Wow! So impressive. Mmmm....fresh sweet carrots right from the ground. Your grandpa knew what he was doing.