Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Banana Nazi

Finleigh is getting bossy. Little sister bossy. Copy mommy bossy. Trying to rule the family bossy.

Now on one hand, this is an excellent thing because it seems to me that this is a pretty developmentally sound thing for her to be doing. She's asserting herself. Yes. She's recognizing the power of her words. Yes. She's emulating those who have been directing her for years (although I would like to think that I don't sound quite like that as we stumble through the day).

It can get irritating yes, but these are the things we do. We remind our children a million times that they are not the boss. Or the mommy.

This morning, however, Finleigh found a whole new bossy.

Soup Nazi bossy!

Imagine my adorable little six year old sitting at the breakfast table. Quietly eating her breakfast, until her brothers come down to join her. Things slowly escalate. She yells at them a bit. She throws her iPod at one of them, narrowly missing his cereal bowl. And then, all of a sudden we hear,


Now normally, we try very, very hard not to react to her negative behaviours. We often ignore the thrown cereal in a vain hope that the lack of attention will eventually diminish the offending behaviour, because reprimand certainly does not work.

But this morning. For two people who watched every single Seinfeld episode at least once... many twice... we could not help but laugh out loud at our miniature little Banana Nazi. Because my friends... she sounded exactly like him... just a couple octaves higher.

Boys. Just come down, avoid eye contact, eat your breakfast and perhaps you too will be allowed to keep your banana.  

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