Thursday, December 12, 2013

From pink eye to puke...

I will not bore you with my plumbing antics today… since I haven't had any.

Instead, I will inform you that my daughter is home sick. Throw up sick. Which makes me feel like I might throw up. Which is gross.

But she's been home from school for an hour and a half… and she seems happy and is peacefully watching TV. I'll take that.

I feel the need, though, to share some ridiculousness that is happening lately in the world of special needs.

First… a 22 year old SMS girl who has had her rights stripped from her in the name of protection. A farce if I've ever heard one. Seems like someone trying to cover their ass, if you ask me. If this outrages you as much as it does me, please comment on the blog. This girl and her family need as much support as they can get. I cannot imagine Finleigh being placed in this situation. She would be devastated without the contact with her family. I'm not sure why this girl, at 22, does not have some say in her living arrangements. Intellectually disabled or not… she knows what makes her happy and that should be respected.

And then this gem… out of New Zealand. There are simply no words for this one. This man is masquerading fascism for liberty and freedom and name calling in the process. I read the transcript of this conversation posted by the father on Facebook. I also read the conversation by another woman… who had permission to share the conversation… and it was almost as bad. He is proud of his words. It shocks me that a politician wouldn't at least feign tolerance. Which leaves me wondering what I find more surprising… this man's views or that he shares them. But the point is… it's sad to see such disrespect for the value of people that don't fit his ideal.

With things like this happening… it makes this world a scary place to raise a special needs child.

Very, very scary.


  1. I am so shocked that people can be so cruel. It's so very hard to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and until people truly understand what it is like they should be as supportive as possible or keep their big mouths shut.

    I'll choose to support you - I don't know what I can do, but I do know that every time I hear someone call something or someone "retarded" or "gay" I ask them to choose a different word. Reading that article about the family in US brought me to tears yesterday - how someone can be treated like that and kept from the only people that really truly love her sickens me.

    Just keep advocating as best you can for Finleigh - she is one very lucky little girl to have you and your family in her corner.

  2. Oh my gosh. This is so upsetting. Ignorance rears its ugly head. Good parenting is difficult even under the best of circumstances and when a child has special needs, know. I don't know what I can possibly do. You know that I think you are a wonderful family and you have my support for ever and always. I've left a comment on the other blog as well. You are certainly doing your part by getting information out there. Xxx ooo