Saturday, February 15, 2014


My little girl is 7 now.

She woke up in the morning with crazy hair and an overwhelming excitement.

She practically vibrated when she saw her long awaited Ferby Boom cake that mommy had stayed up until 2am decorating.

"I'm soooooo excited!!!!" she said as she gave herself a great, big SMS hug.

And then she had to wait until 1pm for her little friends to come over to celebrate with her. All morning long I heard,

"When are my guests coming, Mommy?"

The wait was worth it. Wonderful, big hearted kids made their own fun and showered love on my special daughter. Patiently, they ignored her couple small outbursts and called to Finleigh to play with them.

Finleigh's first friend party went off without a hitch, much to this mom's relief.

Seven years. 

Happy birthday, my sweet, little love.

How very blessed we are.