Saturday, July 12, 2014


"Mommy, I have more cereal?"

"Sure honey."

Mommy pours more Rice Krispies into Finleigh's bowl.

Dump. Bowl is overturned.


I don't know how I still fall for this. I usually say no, but my brain turned off today, and I poured her more cereal.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Off Finleigh goes to let off some steam. I snap this picture.

Then comes the "cleaning up" of said cereal while I pretend not to watch.

Cereal is now all over floor and a seven year old is rolling around in said cereal. Yelling.

Seven year old is sent to her room while mommy cleans up mess.

I don't know how my sons are still asleep.

And... I have turned into a yeller. It seems about the only way I can snap her into action anymore. I don't like yelling. But I keep hearing it come out of my mouth.

Good morning.

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