Monday, March 21, 2016

This morning

We pull up to the school just as the bell is about to ring. Finleigh waves at her friends. One of the girls waves back and starts walking toward the car.

I've never seen this girl. I have no idea who she is.

Finleigh jumps out. I put her backpack on her back.

"Mommy, you walk with me?"

"I think you can go by yourself."

The little girl comes up to her. "Do you want to walk with me?"

"YA!" And she skips off, happily. The little girl reaches for her hand.

I stand, watching her run/skip/hop excitedly to the school. I feel the cool, almost spring air on my face as I smile.

I am happy. Life is good. My little one, despite all her challenges, is loved and accepted. A mother could not want much more than that.

Last Thursday, as I pick Finleigh up from school, a little boy puts his arm around Finleigh and tells me that she's his best friend.

Two months ago, at a birthday party of a friend, the birthday girl lets Finleigh open some of her presents because she knows how excited she is. No one else is allowed to help, not even her little sisters. Just Finn.

My husband reminded me this morning that it's three years today since we received Finleigh's diagnosis of Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Life is hard, yes. But it is also good.