Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorry kids...

So, I just read a tidbit in my weekly Weight Watchers reading. Basically, high and low birth weight can effect later adult weight...to being obese.

For the full story:

Great! Not only do my children have the genetics of large people...they also had extremely high and low birth weights!!! First two were over 10lbs (no I was not diabetic). Third was about 5lbs (hardened placenta). What are ya gonna do? I'm just glad that I'm doing something about my weight now as it should trickle down. I know a lot more about nutrition than I did when my first was born. I still will not be one of those parents that refuses treats etc...but I do NOT want them to grow up fat. Luckily they're not obese yet. And hopefully never will be. These first few years are important. Gotta get on it. Especially my oldest, he needs more exercise. It scares me to be honest, but I'll stay positive.

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