Saturday, October 27, 2007

Could Be Worse

Just did a little bit of emotional eating. Not too much and I've regained my motivation to stay OP (on program), but some none the less. We're going through some stuff with out little baby girl. She's got some medical issues and so we have to drive 5 hours to see specialists. Well, one right now, but soon to possibly be 3, not to mention our home support team. Its not life threatening, that we know and I'm mostly having a positive attitude. We can do this, we will get through this and it could be MUCH worse. But today, I yelled at my boys this morning and when hubby got up, went back to bed (think I might be a tad emotionally exhausted?). Then got up for lunch and ate crap. Lots of crap. Leaving me with just a few points for the rest of the day.

Should hit the treadmill instead of sitting here on my bum. Having said that, having chicken and veggies for supper and I still do have some flex points left. So, could be worse.

Seems like my mantra these days...'could be worse.'

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