Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm SO busy...getting nothing done. If my life was judged on how clean my house is and how much I taught my kids, I don't think I'd do very well. Yeesh.

Wake up, feed the kids, get them dressed, spend a bit of 'me' time on the computer, feed baby again, break up a fight, snack, more suggestions about what my boys should be doing, change the laundry that I started yesterday and forgot about, lunch, everybody in their winter gear to take my oldest to kindergarten, put the others down for a nap, treadmill/Pilate's or computer time or catch up on undone things, feed baby again, wake up 2 year old so he can have a snack and then come help me pick up the kindergartner, everybody in their winter gear again, pick up kindergartner, get home and start supper...and watch Y&R (yes, I watch on soap opera), feed the kids supper and feed baby, let them play a bit more, bath time for all 3, boys to bed, baby to have medicine and one more feed, put her to bed, spend time with hubby who just walked in the door, decompress in front of the TV or my scrapbooking table that's taking up far too much room in the living room.

Where did the day go? It's over! The toilets are still dirty, the dishes are done, but hubby made a bunch more when he got home, I still didn't get that laundry folded that I started the day before and I just stepped on a toy that didn't get put away. Sigh. And yet, I didn't get anything done!

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