Thursday, December 6, 2007

I should be doing laundry

Don't you hate it when you have more clothes that need to be hung dry than you have space? I know, it's a rough problem...but I have jeans hanging in my living room. I think they're dry, so I should probably just get up, fold them and then head downstairs to get my whites soaking in bleach. Did you know that I can only run my washer and drying one at a time? Ya, every time I run them together...the breaker gives and all our power goes out. Not just the washer and dryer, everything in the house. So, it now takes me twice as long to do laundry. Not to mention that the dryer often doesn't dry in one, in order to avoid folding damp laundry, I turn it on, twice. But, I shouldn't complain too least I don't have to wash it all by hand. I think if I did, my children would wear their clothes longer and they might be a bit dirtier. I had to wash my clothes by hand when I was in Thailand. It's harder than it looks, so I'm thankful for my washer and dryer, I really am!

So much to do, so little time and here I am frittering away my morning on the computer. I'm all responsibility. Today is my son's last day of school before we go away for I have the tins full of cookies ready and waiting to give to his teacher and her assistants. At least that's done...and I only used about half my points yesterday on licking and sampling and enjoying my work. I should be hair looks awful.

Speaking of my son, they did a preliminary IQ test on him the other day. He's extreme high (I think in giftedness?). I don't know the official everything because I just happened to be there when the lady who does the tests was chatting his teacher. They'll be doing more tests, but it looks like his IQ is 150, which is higher than 99.9% of the population. What the???? In the new year, sounds like we'll be meeting with the school psychologist to get a learning plan in place for him (so he doesn't get too bored and start hating school). He's currently teaching himself how to read. I mean, we're helping...but this morning, he asked me what letters in the alphabet could be silent? I said, hmmm. I think P, K, E? He said and G too. Where does he get these things? He gets annoyed at his teacher because when she talks about the date she says two thousand seven. He thinks it should be two hundred and seven because there's a 200 and a 7. So, when they have to say the date every day, he says two hundred seven. So we had a discussion last night about it at supper. He understands up to 20,007. So we'd ask him what twenty thousand seven was and he would actually say the number. Don't forget, my kid's only 5 yrs, 3 months old. And to think, I was worried when he was younger that being a fall baby and a boy at that would put him at a disadvantage in school. Anyways, a lot of things make sense in light of this new information. I'm not bragging...well maybe I am. But we have challenges too. His development is asynchronous...his physical and social really is behind. That's why I'm taking him to yet ANOTHER birthday party on Saturday. I'm so sick of kids birthday parties and buying gifts for kids that I barely know and feeling like I didn't spend enough. Can you tell I'm not in the best mood today?

I'm just going to keep talking...I don't care if anyone reads this or not...I just feel like chattering about my kids...

My second son is in his 2's. Today, he came and asked me to change his diaper. I'm glad. We had him trained for 4 days once. It didn't last and I got tired of yelling at him all the time and constantly being angry with him. So, we stopped. I think I'll try again in the new year, but he's getting closer. I love him. He truly is a sweet heart. He's really talking now, which is fun. Last night, he didn't feel like sleeping. My husband had rented a movie that we did not want him watching, so he had to stay upstairs. At one point I went upstairs and gave him 2 choices of what he could do. "Do you want to do this or that?" I asked. "I want to go downstairs," he said. "No, that's not a choice, do you want to do this or that?" "That's not nice," he said. Something his big brother would say. Oh, we're in for trouble. I wish I had more to say right now about him...he's the middle child and I hope he's not feeling overlooked! We LOVE him and he's our easy kid. That's one of the reasons I let him stay up when he can't sleep. It's nice to have time just with him.

Now, as for my baby. She was premature and has been playing catch-up developmentally ever since. Her physical development seems to be further hampered by her breathing issues....tracheomalacia and her tightness of her muscles. The tube feeding of course, throws another wrench in things as she's not eating yet...a regular developmental thing for 10 month olds. Anyways, she's rolling (and we'll often find her on the opposite side of the room from where we placed her) and she can sit on her own for a few seconds. She's really getting good at the jolly jumper now and loves to watch Baby Einstein videos. So, she's slow, but it's coming...much to my relief. She had a developmental assessment the other day and I was told that while she's behind the average child her age, she has all the skills they're looking for in the 7-12 month age bracket. Meaning what? I suppose that they're not worried about her. A huge relief. I've been walking around wondering if she was brain damaged in the womb before they yanked her out. Another couple days in there and she would have died due to lack of oxygen. She's my little miracle and I thank God for her everyday...even on the days that my heart breaks to think about what she's going through. Most of the time I'm cool with the whole tube-feeding thing, but once in a while it's hard to see that ugly tube in her nose...poor thing! So we're off to the specialist in a couple days to see if we can maybe start giving her something orally. I'll be surprised, I don't think she's ready yet, but one can always hope.

So, that's what's happening with my kids.

I'm feeling weary of this whole weight loss thing this week. I just want to get to 50lbs before we go. Usually, I wouldn't be worried, but things really seem to have slowed down since I started the we'll see on Monday. I'm feeling fat and dumpy again...ah the mental process of weight loss. It really is more of a mind game than anything else. You have to be strong mentally. Forget about's brain control. All hinges on your mindset. Anyways, I know that losing this much weight is a bumpy road full of highs and lows, big losses, small losses and gains. I'll get there.


  1. First of all... 150!!!! Wow.

    Secondly... you don't LOOK dumpy, you look fabulous. And I am jealous.
    I LOOK dumpy. You look awesome. And I'm very proud of you.

    Third... you are going away for Christmas already? How long are you gone for? Where are you going?

    Fourth... I ALWAYS read your posts. So you can count on SOMEONE reading everything you write my dear.

    Fifth... I really wish we lived closer. This sucks.

    Sixth... I'm also NEVER going to get my laundry finished and my breaker doesn't blow everytime I have both machines on. And I agree that we should be very thankful we don't have to hand wash our clothes by beating them on rocks down by the river. Can you imagine melting all the snow we'd need to wash all our clothes? That would really suck.

    love you.

  2. i read it too!

    i love reading it. it is so cool that your kid is a genious - challenging, but cool.

    when are you headed to BC?

  3. I liked hearing about your kids!!!

    I read your posts- sometimes I feel like my comments aren't worth reading- but I post anyways!!

    Take Care