Friday, December 7, 2007

Close calls

I should probably be doing something other than sitting at the computer, but I'm not and that's okay with me. I feel like anything I do at this point will just be undone anyways, so I'm beginning to resign myself to the idea that I will not get much sleep the night before I leave. That's okay. Brian usually drives anyways, perhaps I can doze in the van. Which reminds me...must bring a blanket and a pillow for us in the van. Have them for the kids...but always forget for the adults.

I wanted to tell you about my morning full of close calls that could have turned into disasters. Each in themselves not such a bit deal...but I had my 3 kids with me and it was -27 Celsius today. So, both of those add stress to any situation.

We were going to meet some girlfriends at the church this morning...supposed to be bible study, but really more of a gab session. Which I love. Anyways, woke up a little late, but managed to get out of the house by 9am...which is when we're supposed to start. Well, I really needed to go get a birthday present for tomorrow's birthday party, so we stopped at Walmart on the way. I was NOT doing Walmart at noon on a Friday in's a zoo, I tell you! A zoo. So, we did that, got the gift (Perfection...which I want for us...may have to add another gift under the tree) and some formula for baby. When we got back into the van, I started it and the heater didn't go on and the dashboard was all lit up with warning lights!!! Ah!!! So, I calmly turned it off and then on again. Same problem! Yikes. I played with the knobs a bit, turned it off and on again and all was good. Blessed air began to blow in my face. I called up a quick thanks to God and pulled out of the parking lot.

We were done at the church by noon and stopped at one of our quasi-malls where I had a prescription for baby waiting and hopefully some pictures ready for pick up. I was stressing about the pictures, because I need them before we leave on Monday and the original order had been screwed up AND the person I'd talked to on the phone was new and didn't give me answers that gave me confidence that the problem would be resolved. Plus, I hadn't heard from them, so I didn't know if the pictures were ready, but it's across the hall from Shopper's, so I thought I'd give it a shot. And the pictures were ready and they didn't charge me. Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. Another thanks to God. Phew.

My 2 year old had a bit of a meltdown while we were in the mall...he was up too late last night and was hungry, so I was rushing them out to the them buckled up and looked down at my key chain to get the key ready to put in the ignition. It was GONE. Oh no! Sub-zero temps, a less than co-operative 2 year old + 2 other hungry kids and a missing car key. I'm thinking in my head..."Where could it be? Can I leave the kids in the van and go run and look for it quick? Do I really have to drag them all back inside? I hope I find it!!!" I searched the van hoping against hope that it had fallen in there all the while thinking that I was wasting time because somewhere inside it was on the floor and someone was going to pick it up. I lifted my diaper back to look underneath it and there it was. THANK YOU GOD!!!

What a morning. Just heard baby waking up from her nap. Perfect timing. I'll get her fed, wake up my 2 year old and then we'll run uptown to drop off some stuff at my mom's for Christmas. Hopefully that all goes as "smoothly" as this morning.

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  1. sounds like a hectic day!!!

    hope everything else goes smooth as you get ready to go!!
    Take Care