Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, Merry Christmas 10 days early anyways.  We're celebrating Christmas with the extended family today.  It's the only day that all my husband's siblings will be together over the holiday season...except for tomorrow, which'll be my father-in-law's 60th birthday party.  So, we'll be having turkey and exchanging gifts today.  Should be fun.

I wanted to share about my clothes shopping this week.  I bought almost all regular sized clothes.  Now, to some of you, that's no big deal, but for a girl who's been limited to shopping at stores that are made especially for plus sized beauties or have included a line for them...this is a big deal!  I even bought a couple sweaters at Jacob!  One of my favorite stores...well, non-plus sized stores.  There's no hope of fitting my bum into their pants...but I can wear their tops!  Good enough for now.  Thank you to my sister for helping me find some great clothes!  Her opinion was invaluable.  We found some pretty wicked sales too!  Don't feel so bad buying new jeans when you get them for $22 regular $50.

Anyways...the eating thing is plugging along.  One day at a time.  Over-indulged a bit during my shopping days, but have been good since then.  Not counting points right now, just trying to be smart.  Won't be weighing anytime soon will just keep plugging along.  Feeling pretty good about it so far.


  1. oh I remember the feeling of FINALLY being able to buy clothes in the regular people's sections!!! Good for you my dear!

    I WILL get back there again someday. I will. Then the next time we see each other we can go shopping in the regular sized clothes together :)

    Enjoy your Christmas gathering today :)

  2. soooo glad to see a post from you!! sounds like its been a uplifting visit soo far!!! take care of yourself and enjoy the time!!

    Have fun