Monday, December 10, 2007

Freak Weight Loss

Well, I should be getting ready to go. We're leaving this morning, but I just wanted to blog my weight this morning. Down 4.9lbs...which I'm pretty sure means some muscle loss because I hardly exercised this week. But never the less...I'VE LOST 50 POUNDS!!!!!!! Not only that, but I'm HALF WAY THERE!!!! Yes, my total is now 52.9 out of 105. It's gonna be tough to come back in 3 weeks and have maintained my weight...but I'll give it a shot.

If I don't get back here...Merry Christmas.


  1. woowoowooowoo PARTY!! that is soooo awesome, you kicked butt!!
    enjoy your trip....have fun, reward yourself, enjoy life

  2. Congrats Manda! Soooo proud of you.

    Have a wonderful trip.


  3. Hey, I just realized that this was your blog on Tara's links...haha. You are looking mighty hot there my friend. :) That's such hard work, I admire you a lot. Have a great holiday!