Friday, January 25, 2008

5:30 am

I actually got out of bed at 5:30 this morning. Not because one of the kids were up and needed, they were all still asleep. I got up because I wanted to. Kind of.

The alarm clock that I bought the year I left home to go to college stopped working about a year ago. I found that out the hard way. It still tells time, but the alarm is gone. Since my oldest is in PM kindergarten, I don't have to be up and so the kids are my alarm clock. This will have to change once Gr. 1 starts. I know the alarm clock that I want, but it costs $100 and it just seems too extravagant to spent $100 on an alarm clock when $20 would bet me a more than adequate one. But, with this one, you can wake up to nature sounds and it plays an IPOD. Oh the luxury. Can you imagine waking up to birds singing every morning?

Anyways, back to my story. Every other Friday, my son has Kindergarten in the morning. We've all slept in until past 8 on occasion and I didn't want to chance that again. So, I got up with my husband this morning, since my alarm clock isn't working. This is my ideal. To wake up with my husband on the days he works days (only 6 days or so out of the month) and spend some time with myself with a coffee before the kids get up. Heck, I'd like to get up before my kids every morning. My oldest is up and watching TV, but the other two are still asleep. Its nice to start the morning ahead of the game instead of playing catch up.

Oh, the silly things I get excited about and feel the need to write on the WWW.

At my last job, after I went back from maternity leave, I worked closely with people on the east coast and I was in Vancouver, so I started work at 5am, in order to have as much overlapping time as possible with them. I was always the first one in our office, so my routine would be to roll out of bed, have a shower and drive to work (traffic was wonderful at that hour as you can imagine). When I got to work, I'd boot up my computer then walk to the lunch room where I'd make my coffee and warm up my frozen muffins that I'd pulled from the freezer before I left home. Then I'd go and check my email and drink my coffee and eat my muffin. It was the most redeeming part of my day. I still love to be on the computer first thing in the quiet of the morning with my coffee. I didn't love my job (though didn't hate it either) and I resented having to work when I had my little boy in daycare. But it was life and we made the best of it. My husband got him ready in the morning and dropped him off on his way to work. Then I'd pick him up by 2 or 2:30pm. It really was a good set up. His daycare, overall, was awesome. But now I'm at home and aside from the odd longing to be in the adult world again, I'm happy. We've made a lot of sacrifices for me to be at home, but I stand by them and am happy with our choice.

I should be talking about weight loss, but this is kinda related. Dieting is largely about being in control. If I could just be disciplined enough to go to bed on time so that I could get up and be proactive, more of my life would feel in control. So that's my moral here. Oh, and I did get on the treadmill yesterday! Started my Pilate's, but baby woke up. Then I forgot to eat my AP's last night. Can't believe it, I forgot to use points.

My poor baby girl is teething again, I think. She had my up until about 1am last night. I'll feel the lack of sleep later, but for now, I'm pumped! Up early with a bit of time to myself. I've even showered. But now, I must go and start to rouse my two sleepy little ones or else me getting up early with have all been for nought.

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  1. wow... you should totally be MY kids' mom... they get up at 6 am faithfully every day (Aiden has since he was Olivia's age). They NEVER sleep in. If I wanted morning time to myself I would HAVE to get up at 5 am and that us just wrong.

    I haven't used an alarm clock in years... no need to. Aiden gets me up at the same time everyday!