Saturday, January 26, 2008


I hate the days when I have no energy or desire to do anything productive. Blah. It was, to be honest, a real effort to even get off the couch to sit at the computer. I was spurred on by my daughter's feeding tube opening up and leaving a nice mess of stomach contents all over the floor and herself. I guess I should be grateful that she only had formula at the last feed, so though stinky, at least it's just curdled milk and white.

See, getting up at 5:30? Short term gain...long term not so gain. I must go to bed early tonight. But, since hubby's working nights...that will truly take some willpower. Not sure I'm up to that.

No exercise for me today. It'd probably make me feel better. Where'd my motivation go? Ah well, still better off than I used to be. Running program? Sigh.

I'm annoyed at so many aspects of my life today, but I'm not gonna complain. Instead, I'll tell you what I'm thankful for:

1. My children. Happy smiles, keen observations and a new found mastery of toy manipulation.
2. My husband and his quiet, steady love.
3. The 60 lbs I've lost. That is nothing to be sneezed at...though still so far to go.
4. My friends and the support I've found in them. Far away or close, I love them all.
5. My lovely van. I love my van.
6. My mom and our friendship.
7. My sister, her understanding of me and her passionate love for my kids.
8. My mother in law and the easy relationship I have with her.
9. The trip my husband and I are planning for our 10th anniversary and 10 years late honeymoon. I'm SOOOOOOO excited. Please let it happen, please let it happen, please let it happen!
10. The roof over our head. It may be drafty and ugly with poor workmanship everywhere I look, but it's ours and it protects us from the outside world.

Enough said.


  1. Yep... I have a serious lack of motivation today too! I guess the ups and downs are just part of motherhood... or life I suppose :)I sure wish we could have tea in person!
    love you

  2. oh... and I think the feeding tube stuff sounds just as scary as my Aiden's asthma... different problems but same mommy-emotions!