Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I may have to take back what I said earlier about not making those New Years resolutions. Especially the one I said about keeping my house cleaner and the one I didn't say about not losing my temper.

We bought my son a digital camera for Christmas. Nothing fancy. We'd originally bought a cheaper children's one, but when we opened it up a few days before Christmas to make sure it didn't. So we upgraded slightly to a cheap, regular digital camera...which has video capability. He and his camera are almost inseparable. Which I don't mind, means we didn't waste our money. Here's the catch. I'm beginning to feel like I'm a subject of a documentary or one of those reality TV shows. He loves to take videos.

I may need to impose some boundaries...but for now there is accountability in the house. That...or censorship.


  1. amanda, thanx so much for checking out my blog...i like the way yours is set up with the pix down the side, instead of as do you do that???

    your pix look awesome! :)

  2. ha ha ha ha ha .... I think we got Aiden the same camera for his last birthday! the delete option is a beautiful thing :) Aiden has taken a fair number of inappropriate-for-the-world-to-see pictures of me... gotta love kids.

    And Amanda YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! I am SO proud of you.

    You are inspiring me.