Friday, January 11, 2008

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

This was my son during Christmas after he'd gotten into some chocolate from somewhere. (In the background you can see my husband and part of his tattoo...but that's a whole different story.) Notice my son's hand? He still has a couple pieces of chocolate, mmmm...melting, chocolaty goodness. I swear, he's the messiest child alive.

I show you this picture for 2 reasons. 1. because I felt like posting a picture and didn't have much inspiring to post. 2. because that could be me lately, minus perhaps the chocolate dripping out of my hand. Figuratively however, I do have chocolate all over my face.

Will's school was selling English Bay cookie dough as a fundraiser before Christmas. Why did I buy some? I know how much I love double chocolate chip cookies from English Bay. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I partially blame those cookies in the vending machines at work for my 70lb weight gain with my first pregnancy. I ate one everyday. At least one. So now I have a tub of the dough in my freezer (I had to move it into my freezer because it was just too accessible in the fridge). It does not matter if it's dough or cooked, they are heavenly and I just can't help myself. Though I'm proud to say that I have 8 cooked cookies on the counter in the kitchen and I haven't touched them since supper last night. And remember, I did move the dough back to the freezer so I wouldn't pick quite so much.

After an 8 point run in with that chocolaty goodness yesterday, I decided it was time to make a change in how many points I'm using. If you know anything about WW and the flex plan, you'll know that you are given a certain amount of daily points to eat. They are based on your gender, weight, height, activity level etc. Well, I've been basing my points on a sitting most of the time lifestyle. This is because I'm lazy and enjoy being in a stationary position, especially if it involves my feet being up. However, I was reading some literature that my secret Santa sent me (that I don't get because I just do online) and it was saying that a housewife should use the mostly standing category. I've been thinking for months that I should change my activity level, but liked the rate in which I was losing weight. Well, I got sick of it yesterday. Feeling deprived and a little bit hungry if I only eat my daily points. If you can't make it without your flex points...perhaps there's something wrong. So I've upped my daily points by 2. A very interesting story, I know. Just thought I'd share. That gave me and extra 9 flex points for the rest of the week...I'm pretty excited about that. That's enough for 4 1/2 cookies!

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  1. mmmmm cookies....
    I could NEVER have a tub of it- it'd be gone in a weekend!!

    Good self control on the cookies on the counter!!!