Monday, January 28, 2008


Well, I was expecting it and it happened. I gained this week. Not bad, just 0.8 lbs. I lost it on Saturday night and ate much too much. Ah well. Could be worse and I know what I have to do to remedy the situation. I will stay OP. Easy as that. It's only the second time I've gained since starting at WW...a fact of which I'm pretty proud.

It's funny how I've been fighting the urge to overcompensate for Saturday night. I half thought that on Sunday, I should just fast, or eat less points, or exercise until I fall down. But we all know that would just feed into a very unhealthy cycle, so I ate my points yesterday and exercised modestly. That was enough. This morning again, same thing. I thought, "Well maybe I should be extra good this week and do all this extra stuff," but then I remembered that 3 weeks ago I lost 5lbs in one week by just being OP and doing my regular exercising. No reason to overcompensate. Follow the program, the weight will come off. No vicious cycles for me. Treat my body with respect and move on!

What triggered the overeating? Well, a few things I think. But this I do know...that if my Finleigh wasn't as good natured as she is, I wouldn't be as successful as I have been at losing weight. She was so fussy on Saturday! So fussy, that by supper I was at my wits end and that's when the brownies and cookies and cookie dough began looking like a good escape. I fought it for awhile, but eventually gave in. Also, I must stay away from the books. I lost so much sleep when I was reading that I'm still catching up. I need my sleep...I'm learning this.


  1. Amanda, I am so proud of the success you've had!! Way to go!!

  2. you've been doing soo awesome-- one minore bump in the road is all good...

    Keep that smile!

  3. every post you write makes me smile a real honest to goodness smile honey!

    i'm keeping my fingers crossed for Finny:)

    you look awesome!