Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Post Christmas Weight In

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!

Well, I'm a day late on reporting my WI. I have a good reason too. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to technical issues with the computer and I couldn't get onto the Internet. It's finally fixed thanks to my handy husband and so here I am. I was really missing the Internet! I went through withdrawal. It was okay while I was away...but I was standing there...looking at my computer and I had things to say...and no way to say them! Except for to myself or my children. Not good at all.

So, when I weighed in yesterday, I was very happy. I lost 0.1lbs! I know, normally that's not really anything to be excited about...but I just spend 3 weeks NOT counting! NOT dieting, per se. Just being a good girl...or at least trying to be. And apparently I was successful. I'm very happy. My new jeans even still fit. I figured for sure that when I got home, they'd be too tight and then I'd have to lose some before I could wear them again. Nope...they still fit just fine. Now, having said that...I do feel flabbier. Looking forward to getting exercise in again. Hoping to start tomorrow. After all, I bought workout clothes. Yes, actual work out clothes - in a normal store - and a well fitting sports bra too. Definitely NO excuses for me.

Oh, by the way. See that boy I'm posing with here? My 5 year old son? He weighs 54lbs. I have now lost 53 lbs. I can barely lift him...imagine that I used to carry that around everyday on my body. No wonder I was so tired. By the time I'm finished...I should be able to pose in a picture with all my kids and say that I lost the equivalent of all of them. Huh.

Looking forward to watching the new season of Biggest Loser tonight. Did you know I'm a TV addict? Well, yes I am. I love my TV and HD cable. Anyways, I find Biggest Loser quite motivating and it's something I can watch while the children are around too. So, I'm turning it on in 21 minutes. Hopefully I can follow it enough while I'm still dealing with the kids to get to know the contestants.


  1. its a very good thing I remembered to check your blog-- you reminded my about BIGGGEST LOSER STARTING TONIGHT!!! I almost forgot- holy
    congrats on the .1 loss that is AWEOMSE...same with the jeans--- those are some rockin' victories!!
    Enjoy :)

  2. well done my dear! And that is a beautiful picture of you and your son. And did you know that MY 5 year old son only weighs 41 lbs? I can't believe your child weighs more than 10 lbs more than my kid... my child really doesn't eat enough. Sigh.

  3. No Tara...my kid has a little bit to lose. He's a little on the heavy side. He's not what one would call athletic or even active...poor kid...reminds me of myself at his age.