Saturday, February 2, 2008

Back again

Well, back from our trip to the big city. All good news! Now just waiting on an MRI and no intrusive surgery until we know the cause of all Finny's issues.

My husband decided to take some pictures of my backside as I was talking to my little sweetie yesterday at my sisters before heading back home. It doesn't look so bad and my jeans are getting loose.

I indulged in a few too many home made cookies by my sister these last few days. Chocolate pistachio nut. Oh yum! But, my weight was down this morning, so hopefully I can keep it down until Monday when I weigh. I really want a loss this week. Need to make it to the treadmil at some point too.


  1. YAY!! Good news is happy.

    And you look great Amanda! I love the look on Finleigh's face while you are playing with her. So sweet.

  2. Man, you look awesome! Trevor saw the pic of you on Facebook and was impressed too. :o) It's so good to hear the news about Finleigh (here and on Facebook...) She's such a sweetie!

  3. yah good news!! and your butt does look good :) keep up the good work and really whats a couple of cookies now and then eh?