Sunday, February 10, 2008


I love making birthday cakes. I grew up with a mom who made fantastic cakes. So, it's only natural for me to pick up a piping bag and decorate. We're going to have a small family party for Finleigh tomorrow to celebrate her first birthday (which is actually on Valentine's day). Anyways, I just wanted to share. I just finished and 12:15 am. I still have to clean up.

So, I made a mistake and stepped on the scale the middle of the day, nonetheless, and I stood staring in awe at the number on the scale. 5 lbs up. Yeesh. 1 or 2 pounds, I expect, but 5? Huh. I still have 10 flex points left for the week...I think. Perhaps I did some bad estimating at a few meals. But, I haven't been getting all my veggies or water. So, likely that may be part of it. Anyways, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Just annoyed. Hoping see a reasonable number Monday morning. Would love to be out of the 190's. But if not, there's always next week.


  1. wow Amanda! What a beautiful cake! Happy birthday Finleigh!

  2. That is amazing!!! Can I rub you and some of your talent might fall off onto me?

    And NEVER weigh yourself during the day (I've done that) just causes depression over nothing. I am SO proud of you for keeping with it! You are doing so well!!

  3. beautiful cake! I didn't know this was one of your many hidden talents.
    Happy Birthday to your girl!