Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pluggin' along

Well, just another day. I've managed to at in 11 AP's (activity points) so far this week. It's Thursday today. So that was 4 on Monday, 0 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday and now 3 on Thursday. I need to "run" once more this week, so I'll plan to get at least 4 more in. The recommended for weight maintenance is 28 per week. That's 4 per day. Maybe once I start running regularly. My ultimate plan is to learn how to get up early again and do some treadmill time in the mornings before the kids get up. Hmmmm. Long term...I said that right? Really long term.

At any rate. I'm doing reasonably well this week. I still have 22 flex points...quite a feat given my emotional ups and downs. I have not emotionally ate. My husband has 3 night shifts to work and then he's off all next week. I can hardly wait to have him around. No overtime. What a treat it will be.


  1. Hey Amanda!
    If you really want I could send a letter to your ass but it would be much nicer than the one I sent to my own ha ha ha!
    Read your post about the piano haha I would have called 911 and evacuated my house haha!!

  2. sounds like your having a very good week!! good job!!

    hope your weekend is awesome