Friday, February 15, 2008

Flex Points

I think I may have to stop spending time on the WW community boards. Except to meet with my group.


Because I think I may scream if I hear one more person ask if they should use their flex points. Or that they want to eat something (enter sweets or fast food or whatever) but feel too guilty even though they have the points. Or if one more person asks if anyone else uses their AP's.


I don't know why I'm so annoyed by this, but I am.

You do NOT have to deprive yourself to lose weight. You do NOT have to give up everything you love to lose weight. Just be sensible and follow the program.

Weight Watchers would not have given you the points if you would gain weight. Honestly.

Deprivation is a dieting state of being. If one deprives them self to lose on earth are they going to maintain it? Seems to me that line of thought leads to not being able to maintain goal weight. A person gets to goal, breaths a sigh of relief and eventually stops depriving them self, leading to the opposite - over indulgence. Which will likely lead to a fat rump.

I personally got fat not by eating the odd sweet or taking my kids to McDonald' or enjoying a piece of birthday cake here or there. Nope, I got fat by eating hundreds and hundreds of calories in one sitting - every evening. High fat calories. High sugar calories. High sodium calories. By ignoring my body and eating past full to fill other holes in my life. By not exercising. eating more than I burned.

So, eat your Flex points...please! Eat your activity points...your body needs them. Stop obsessing and treat yourself to some chocolate...or McDonald's...or whatever. Learn how to eat in moderation while you're losing weight and something tells me it'll be easier to keep that weight off after you get to your goal.

Haven't you seen the commercials? WW's is all about fitting into your life...not the other way around.

Only my humble opinion.


  1. Huh. That's probably really true. And probably a factor as to why I gained so quickly after reaching goal and getting pregnant. I never used my extra 35 points a week. I thought I would lose faster if I didn't. But, you have a really good point there.
    Maybe next time around, I'll use those flex points.
    And I won't email you and ask your opinion on it either! :o)

    And as for APs (activity points, right?) I didn't much have to concern myself with them because I wasn't earning them! :o) Well, okay - not entirely true - I did do some exercise and I DID use those points very carefully.

    Hmm... point counting is not that far away again... I should really start to think about that soon.

    Anyway, thanks for making me think Amanda! Your blog is a treat.

  2. tee hee... very nice rant my dear! And thanks for the lovely "treat" I received in the mail yesterday. You really are wonderful for sending it. Now I just have to USE it! love you.

  3. YOU ROCK!!
    this is almost the same reason I've stopped on the boards- i get annoyed with the repeative questions... atleast most of the bloggers have been there done that!!

    eat them and enjoy them!!