Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What to say?

So, I have lots of thoughts through out the day of stuff that I want to blog about. But here I sit, kids in bed, husband at work and nothing to say.

Oh, I just remembered something!

Evening snacking. When I started...I was determined that I would not give up evening snacking. About 8 years ago, I lost 80 pounds and snacked every night. So, I knew I didn't need to give up evening snacking. Cuz, here's the thing. I hate going to bed hungry. I know that's not something I can maintain. Sure, I can do a month or two, but I can't go to bed hungry for the rest of my life...I can't get used to it...I've tried.

So, I've snacked almost every evening since I started WW, except for when I run out of my daily and flex and activity at supper. Like last week, where I didn't have points for an evening snack Friday and Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't so bad. Then last night, I wasn't really feeling hungry, but I did have some popcorn. Though I did snitch a 2 point snack on Saturday night.

Tonight, I have lots of flex point, lots of opportunity because I just went grocery shopping yesterday (which by the way I should have gotten some AP's for because I was pushing a cart from Superstore with 2 children (sometimes 3) and $250 worth of groceries and diapers for a long time) and have lots of yummy food in the house and lots of privacy. And here I sit...with a cup of tea. Watching Biggest Loser. Not feeling like eating.


But see, if you'd TOLD me that I can never have an evening snack again? I'd be NEEDING one.

I'll probably have a snack tomorrow.


  1. wow... no evening snack... good for you honey!

    and I tagged you on my blog today :)

  2. your doing great!! and you gotta do what works for you.... so hey- enjoy it :)