Monday, February 18, 2008

On my journey to becoming a runner...

Okay, that was BRUTAL!!! I've always hated running. As a kid, I used to want to be goalie in soccer...not because I was good at it, but because I didn't want to run. I was 10. But I have been enjoying this new running program so far. I had myself fooled that I may actually be able to do this. No, i WILL do this. But today, the start of my new week was, well, brutal. I thought I was gonna die.

I started with my 5 min walk...great. Then 3 minutes of running which was fine until I got a stitch 1 minute in...but I pushed through. Then I was allowed to walk for 90 sec. 90 sec?!?!? I'm not gonna catch my breath in 90 sec. So, I got my 90 sec in at a slower speed than I like to go. Then I was supposed to run for 5 min. Ha. Well, I got 4 in. Not bad, really. Then I stayed on schedule with a 3 1/2 min walk (instead of 2 1/2) and back at'er again with another 3 min run, 90 sec walk and 5 min run. And I actually ran the full 5 minutes at the end too. I thought I was going to collapse, but I did it.

So, what have I learned? Well, it's very possible and even likely that I may never love running. I've also learned that I can run for 5 minutes in a row. And lastly, that I will be doing this week of the program for several weeks, until I get through it without feeling tortured.

But I will NOT give up. I WILL run 5k without stopping - someday. Just not any day soon.


  1. running sucks.

    I only run when something VERY scary is chasing me.

    Even then I may just opt for the play dead option.

    I will never be a runner.

    But I am very proud of you!