Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back on track

Not that I was really off track per se, but I'm feeling more like my 'new' self today. I woke up this morning feeling thinner...and I was. I was down 2 lbs. Yes, I've been weighing myself every morning this week and as long as it doesn't negatively effect my mindset...I think it's okay.

Anyways, you know what I think did it? A 'run' on the treadmill. Yup. 10 mins of running, 20 of walking (not where I should be, but better than not at all). My whole day felt better. I'm currently munching on some carrots and drinking some green tea. Also excellent compared to the last few days.

Hit the grocery store this morning and all I bought was produce, yogurt (a different kind for each family member it seems) and some goodies for a gift basket for the seniors in our community that my son's kindergarten class is getting together. I even bought a zucchini to grill with a supper this week. I'll get my hubby to do that, cuz he makes a mean grilled zucchini.

Will's at school and my younger two just went down for a nap. I think I'll finish my tea and then go for a walk on the treadmill for a half hour. Guess I shouldn't waste my regained momentum.

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