Friday, March 14, 2008


We may be looking into moving to a different part of town to be closer to the French Immersion school for my son. Moving, blah. The housing marking is crazy, stupid high here. I mean, mortgage your soul high. My husband makes a very good living. Seemed like a fortune to us a short time ago, but now we can't even buy a small house or a duplex on that salary. And housing prices are raising. Fast. Even with his raise this year...our options are minimal.

So, my emotions have been through the ringer today. From excitement, to disappointment, to frustration. I was content here too. I'm happy in this place. I don't love it, but it works (and I have so many plans to improve it). I wish I had a career and then remember how thankful I am to be at home with my kids (and how much I hated being a working mom). I feel guilty about not working and contributing financially, then remember that Finleigh's got her special needs and I have to be at home with her anyways. I feel torn about my future options too. What will I do when the kids are all in school? I'm a planner and I want to have a plan...but I don't. What's the point? Plans usually change anyways.

So that's where I'm at. Another stress eating challenge. We'll look into it some more and see exactly what our options are. Contact our mortgage broker. You know, all that fun stuff. But for now, I'm going to try put it out of my mind. September's still a ways away.


  1. Hm...the housing markets are just insane on the prairies!! The oil industry gives us good money but that money all goes straight to the mortgage too. I hear you. And I also hear you about wondering what you're going to do with yourself oneday... AND I also hear you about the fact that plans change. AND HOW! So, my comment here is nothing earth shattering, just that I hear ya...

  2. you will figure out what to do.... moving is stress full- we relocated from a slow housing market to a booming one- we had to downsize, which was a little frusterating but we're making it work...

    btw you look AWESOME on your newest picture!! wooo wooo hottie happy birthday!!