Monday, March 31, 2008

No Wonder My Food Bill's So High!

I just had to post this post from a blog that I enjoy reading.

Basically? According to a study done recently, it costs WAY more to eat healthy than not. The numbers are scary. I keep wondering why our grocery bill has more than doubled in the last few years. Now I know. Of course there are exceptions and ways to ease the pain, but it's still gonna cost more.

Having said addiction to diet pop, especially cola, isn't helping our food bill. Considering there's no nutritional value in it and my husband doesn't drink's like a non-value added service. Necessary because it helps me not pig out at night, but costing money. So, I will eventually try to cut it out. Especially cuz it's chemically laden. But not today.



  1. yep, it costs WAY more for us to eat healthy! Especially if we try and eat anything organic.

  2. I've noticed that our grocery bill has gone up since we started eating healthier! I wonder why is costs more to eat healthy than not??

  3. yeah, our bill is up too! stinks that our government is talking about how we all need to loose weight but there is really no true support for that!

    I stock up on my favorite diet soda when it goes on sale and we recycle the cans for $$$ so it makes it a little less painful!