Monday, March 31, 2008

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?

Well, despite eating over my weekly points allowance, I still lost this week. I'm sure much of it was water weight from the week before...but the scale told me this morning that I'm 179.5 lbs. I broke into the 170's! That means I lost 4.8 lbs. My net loss for the month is 5.5 lbs, so it's not like I've lost an unhealthy amount of weight this 5 Monday month...just when I do, it seems to come in big chunks.

A fellow weight loss friend, whose fantabulous attitude is constantly inspiring me, suggested I put my before picture up beside that skinny looking picture I posted yesterday. Could be interesting to see. Let's see the difference...

Since I'm not under 179, I guess I get to keep my extra daily I'm still at 26. I'm glad cause I really don't want to give up that point yet. I'm feeling challenged keeping myself to those 26, even with the Flex and Activity Points. So, here's to one last week at 26 points.

Poor little Finn just lost her breakfast on me. She didn't throw up all day yesterday, so I guess it's hanging on and I fed her too much this morning. Nate's still punky. He ate breakfast and was quite upset when I wouldn't give him more. Yesterday, he threw up his supper and then wanted to eat dessert. Silly kid. I gave him an arrowroot cookie for said dessert and he kept it down all night. So far his breakfast is still in his tummy. I'm feeling fine, by the way. Though I wasn't so sure last night.

Alright, off to face the day...


  1. wow, great job! i went to WW this morning and had gained 0.2! ugh. i feel like i keep trying and i am hovering right around this weight. i switched back to core today so we will see how this week goes. that before and after picture of you is amazing! i am going to have to find a before picture of myself and maybe i will feel better about my progress.

    great job!!!

  2. Amanda, you look fantastic! I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments (and not just in weight loss - you're a great mommy too!)

  3. YEAY YEAY YEAY!! Into the 170's - that's awesome!!
    I rejoined WW last week - and actually got my 5 pound star sticker in the first week (still shrinking after the delivery I think) - so I'm pretty happy about that. I had more to lose this time around than the first time around, which was frusterating, but now I'm down to my original starting weight (does that make any sense?) Only 43 pounds to go (argh)...