Sunday, March 30, 2008

They're so sweet.

They're being so sweet. My poor little sick ones. Thankfully, neither of them have thrown up too much (well besides Nate's 15 times this morning, but he did keep down lunch - what little there was), they're just feeling fevery and yucky. Lots of sleep, not too much food. But they're not whining or complaining...just sad and sick.

I was up with little Finleigh until 3:30am last night, so Brian let me sleep this morning. When I came down, Nate was lying on the floor. When I bent down to say hi to him, he got up and lied on my lap. I know I shouldn't be smiling at my child's misery, but it was just so sweet, I couldn't help it.

I'm not sure what it is about my boys, being sick and sleeping on the floor, but here is Nate with the bucket beside him...just in case.

Here is Finleigh trying to smile for the camera. She was miserable, but perked right up when I brought the camera out.

Here she is later on, no smiles this time.

She's currently playing on the floor. Nate is sleeping on the couch. Brian and Will are playing checkers and we're debating about what to make for supper. I'm starving. So far, the adults have avoided the sickness (aside from me getting headaches), but I cleaned the bathrooms today just in case. If I have to throw up, I'll be throwing up in clean toilets.


  1. oh poor sick kiddos! poor tired mommy!

  2. poor babies!! they do look so sweet though!!

    honey, you HAVE to take your highest weigh pic and put it beside the pic of you with Nate on your lap..the difference is INCREDIBLE!!

    hope your crew starts feeling better soon:)