Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finleigh's MRI

So. Doc called today with Finn's MRI results. And the drum roll please.....

Structurally, her brain and brain stem are normal.




It's great, but it means that we have no answers. Still no answers. So, off yet to see the geneticist and neurologist...when they can fit us in. It sounds like maybe what might have happened is she was deprived of oxygen in the womb? Dunno.

More waiting. More hoping that she'll be okay. We just continue to focus on helping her develop and learn how to swallow, I guess.


  1. what a cute picture...i'm loving those rosie cheeks!!! I hope you get answers soon and that she continues to make good progress.

  2. Well, lets go with the idea that no news is good news! And yes, Finleigh is so adorable. :o)

    I'm going to count my points today. I did it last week for real and lost 1.2 but then this week so far I've been a little lax. So, just coming to your site has motivated me to go upstairs and write today's points down.
    Thank you!

  3. hmmm...interesting, frustrating and very good that your beautiful girl is normal.

    I know you are searching for answers but I am glad that her brain is a.o.k.