Friday, April 25, 2008


A friend of mine from the Weight Watchers boards suggested that I write about the positives of losing 75 lbs. We have a group on there where we check in with each other each day to see how we're all doing. We don't talk about anything too deep, but we're there to give each other moral support when we're frustrated, cheer each other on when we have a victory, share our lives and keep each other accountable. We help each other remember that each day is a new day. It's a good group. I enjoy the ladies, their insights and their encouragement. Being an online WW'er, I need that.

So, back to my positives of being 75 lbs lighter. I thought I'd share them on here too. It felt good to write the list and I'm glad I did it. Helps with the motivation factor that I'm struggling slightly with right now.

  1. My feet don't get sore after standing for a while.

  2. I have way more energy.

  3. I have more confidence.

  4. I'm wearing a belt and it's not covered by my belly fat hanging over it.

  5. I can run for 20 minutes.

  6. I like what I see in the mirror or in pictures.

  7. I can dance with my kids for longer than 1 minute.

  8. I'm getting lots of compliments from people.

  9. My husband is liking the new me.

  10. I don't feel bloated, gross or guilty all the time because I'm constantly overfilled with food.

  11. I think I saw a guy check me out the other day. Not sure (b/c I wouldn't know what it looks like) but it sure seemed like it.

  12. I can buy fun, cute bras/underwear at La Senza.

  13. I'm not the biggest person in the room anymore.

  14. I weigh less than my husband.

  15. I can cross my legs comfortably.

  16. My but fits into any chair now and I don't worry about breaking the less sturdy ones when I sit down.

  17. I can walk into a clothing store (that's not plus size) and not only be able to find clothes there, but am also not the largest person in the store looking for clothes OR selling the clothes.
That's a pretty long list. Makes the last 10 months seem really worth the effort. Not that it's been THAT bad.

I went to Warehouse One yesterday with my husband because he needed new jeans. I usually avoid the store cuz they carry such small sizes for women. I know they have XL's and size 36 jeans because you see them once in a while. But I can never find anything there. Even yesterday, most clothes were size M and smaller and size 29 and smaller. I don't know if it's because they just don't order it in or because they sell out of the bigger stuff first. But I went in with Brian (and the kids) yesterday just to see what I might be able to fit into. I'm a definite large on top. I fit my bottom into a size 12 pant! And since the pants were on the clearance rack for $9.99, I bought them. Size 12. I've never been a size 12. I hope to one day be in single digit clothing, but I'll take size 12 today!

I also bought a medium T-shirt. I bought a medium because it was the largest they had in the style, but that's okay because I need a new, tangible goal and this is it. I can fit it and would wear it under something, but it does pull a little too much in I'll keep it in the closet and try it on again in 10 lbs or so. Wanna see it? I think it's so cute.


  1. very cute shirt!!! i have a pair of shorts that i bought at my girlfriend's garage sale that i want to get into by this summer!!! makes the losses feel more real i guess to try them on every couple of weeks or so!