Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

I had such a nice night last night, scrapbooking with my scrapbooking girlfriends. I love to take pictures and paper and ribbons and all the other cutsie stuff and make it into my very own creation. I find it cathartic and fun. I know that it is not necessarily a respected hobby by many. I see the eyes rolling as I talk about my enjoyment of scrapbooking. Fair enough. But I still love it.

And yes, I did eat too much. (Then spent an hour on the treadmill this morning).

I got home last night at 1:30am. We get talking and creating and the time just flies. So needless to say, I'm a little tired today. Thus my lazy demeanour. I'm hoping to get a little more scrapping done this afternoon yet, as soon as I finish my post. Brian said that he'd help with the kids.

But before I get messy with my paper, I'd like to talk a little bit about my husband, Brian. He bathed and put the kids to bed last night so that I could go out and have my girl time. And while I was gone, he cleaned behind the kitchen appliances for me and turned the self-clean on the oven on. Those things were really bugging me. I'm so grateful.

He's been super supportive while I've endeavoured to lose this weight. In fact, he's even joined me. Here's a picture of a pair of shorts he pulled out of the closet the other day. Size 42. He's now wearing 34.

We've both yo-yo'd throughout the years with our weight. One day, I'll share some pictures of our different phases. That should be good for a laugh. We're both really hoping (and determined) that this will finally be the time that we KEEP it OFF.

He just started a blog. I think I kinda inspired him with mine. I've been enjoying reading what he's choosing to share about himself. He's very real on there and doesn't pull any punches. He makes no apologies for what he thinks and how he feels, so I won't either. He's always been a good writer and is now beginning to write fiction. He's sharing that on his blog too. Oh, and he wrote a song. The lyrics of which are on there. He's played the chords for me on the guitar...but he won't sing it for me yet. I'm sure I'll hear that soon. He's also a great cook, but I'll be very surprised to see him sharing any recipes on there. hahahaha. I'm sorry, just the thought of my husband sharing recipes online made me laugh. I don't know why. I love him.

Okay, off to create a family tree for Finny's album. Should be fun.


  1. you know, you just have the BEST family!!

    i'm so glad, you deserve it:)

  2. great picture of your hubby with his old shorts! i just showed my husband...he has decided to participate in the WW with this should help... LOTS! thanks for sharing this picture!