Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don'tcha hate it???

Don'tcha hate it when you eat food that you're not really enjoying. And it's not like you realize that you're not enjoying it and then stop. Nope, you realize you're not enjoying it and then you continue to eat more of it than any human should consume in one sitting. Don'tcha hate that? Perhaps some of you out there have never experienced that, but you don't get to be over 100 lbs over weight by not doing that...often. Can you still lose weight after doing said thing? long as it doesn't continue and continue and continue. Though I'm not convinced I'll see a loss this week...

So, that was my evening last night. I wondered to myself, as I was in the cupboards once again looking for something very bad for me to eat, if I was in control or not. Was I out of control of my eating? Or was I in control and just didn't want to stop? Is there a difference? Could I have stopped if I had wanted to? I'd like to think so. I did stop, eventually...when my stomach could not hold one more ounce of crap.

Looking back, I'm not sure if I really did eat THAT much, or if I just can't binge like I used to. All I know is that I can't undo all the work I've done in the past 10 months, so I'm back on track today. I will NOT eat over my points and once the younger 2 are down for their nap, I will be on the treadmill. I will, really.


  1. Yup, I hate it.
    And I beat myself up over it and think how much I suck, and then I look back and think - like you said - really it wasn't THAT much that I ate... I've certainly eaten a lot more before.
    Today was a pretty crazy day - felt out of control - but looking back, it was WW out of control, not pre-WW out of control, and so that is at least something.
    I hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow Amanda - you are a great mother and you deserve it!!

  2. I think that even though we may be able to lose the weight and learn how to eat properly, we will still have the odd bad/poor eating behaviours.

    I think the difference is being able to realize the progress made and not wanting to go back to being overweight/unhealthy AND choosing not to continue the bad behaviour for our own sake.

    You have done super awesome, one day wont ruin your entire journey. I know you will recover and have a awesome week !!