Thursday, May 15, 2008

A li'l of this, a li'l of that.

Day 4, done! I've now collected 16 flex points this week. 3 days to go. I seriously would have punked out today and only done a couple but for my commitment on this blog. Gosh, accountability. Amazing how that works.

My almost 3 year old Nate has picked up a new compliment (I think?) for me. "Mommy," he says in his sweetest voice ever, "You're the biggest mommy I've ever seened." Awwwwwe. Couldn't you just melt? Good thing I'm not, or else I might take it personally or something.

Another mom and school today noticed my weight loss. She's been wanting to do something too and said she may check out WW online. I told her I thought it was worth it. She's the sweetest lady with two really sweet kids. I never know how to respond to those comments though. Sometimes thanks just doesn't seem to cut it.

I have to head back to the school in just a couple minutes to pick up my eldest son who is giving me a run for my money attitude wise. Ugh. It scares me sometimes to think of what kind of teenager he could turn out to be. I just hope and pray we can handle him well now so as not alienate him and make a bad pattern for when he's older.

Finny and Natey are both getting colds. Just runny noses so far, but it's definitely causing Finny some trouble in the eating department. She can now drink 2 oz. of thinned down applesauce at one sitting. Well, she could before this cold. Now I hesitate to give her anything orally due to the noise it generates when she tries to swallow. Guess you'd have to see it to understand. She still doesn't want much to do with her thickened milk, but we keep plugging along. We will get rid of this tube one day. We will.

All in all, a pretty good day so far. The healthy one is the grouchiest, so I guess I can't complain too much.


  1. I hope the colds don't get any worse!!!

    Great job on your AP! Keep up the great work and keep posting!!! I will keep checking in...

  2. you absolutely WILL get rid of Finny's feeding tube someday. Don't lose heart.

  3. Hey, WAIT TO GO with doing 16 APs so far!! You are amazing!! Keep it up!