Tuesday, May 27, 2008


My little Natey is 3 today!

3 years ago today, at about this exact time...I felt the first pangs of labour - 4 days after my due date. 15 hours later, we had a beautiful, dark haired, good natured baby that had brought a lot of joy into our lives. He's a great kid, and now he's 3.

I'm looking forward to our day today and stretching his birthday out over the weekend too. We're heading to the big city for the weekend. My husband is supposed to get his new tattoo this weekend. He's very excited. I'll be throwing another party for Nate with more family, going to a bridal shower and doing lots of shopping. Yup...you heard me. I'm going shopping.

Today a good friend of mine from college is coming up for a few days to visit. I'm very excited about that too.

All that to say, my posts will likely be a little sparse (or non-existent) over the next little while...seeing as we don't have a laptop or anything cool like that.

So, we'll see how my AP's fall this week. I've earned 8 so far. I'm not sure I'll earn the 25, but I'll give it a try.


  1. i hope you have a great weekend! I gave you a bloggy award today!

  2. oh shopping... YEAH!!

    happy birthday to Nate

    have a BLAST!!! we'll be thinkin of you!!