Monday, May 26, 2008

A not so smooth Monday

Good morning. I'm down 2.7 lbs this week. Rockin'! I'm very happy with that loss and am feeling good about the fact that I've lost over 80 lbs now. That is an unfathomable number...yet here I sit, 80 lbs lighter than I was 11 months ago.

I took a bit of a break from getting up early over the weekend. Partly because I ended up staying up way too late for various reasons. Partly because I was tired, but I did make my 25 AP goal for the week.

My plan for this morning was to get up around 5:30am and run the 25 min that's on my schedule. That is not how my morning has gone so far. Would you like to hear about my frustrating morning?

First, my boys wake me up at 6:20am...if forgot to set my alarm. Yeesh. Then I notice Nate doesn't have PJ's on. "Nate, where are your pajamas?" "They're wet." Nate hasn't wet his bed in over a month. Now, the day AFTER I washed his bedding and 4 days before we're heading down to the big city for the weekend...he starts wetting his bed again???? Ugh. So, I head down and weigh (a good part of my day, but I was expecting to lose so it wasn't a surprise), get my workout gear on and then put Nate's bedding in the laundry. After that, I make sure the boys are firmly planted in front of the TV (I'm such a good mom) and then hop on the treadmill. Then I get a cramp. No 25 minute run for me today. I do manage to get 18 min of intervalled running it. Not so bad, but not ideal. Then I come back upstairs to log in my AP's on the computer and because I've lost 2.7 lbs, my half hour on the treadmill only counted for 3 AP's, not my intended 4. I would have stayed on the treadmill an extra 15 minutes had I known that...or forced myself to run that extra stinkin' minute. So, now I'm going to have to make up that extra point somewhere. We'll see if I get there...I'm cleaning the house today and preparing for a little birthday party tomorrow for Nate. Not a heck of a lot of time to exercise...that's why I did it this morning. Oh wait, did you think I was done? Nope. After that, I went upstairs to get Finny out of bed and her diaper had leaked!!! What the heck? I just washed her bedding yesterday too.

On the bright side...all my kids are dressed and ready for the day.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. wow.

    exercising before 6 am AND peed sheets. You are so lucky.

  2. "sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays" (Office Space) ha ha.

    seriously though, I am impressed that you still did your 18 minutes. Nice work Manda and i am still, of course, so proud of you. Amazing.

  3. wow! you are doing laundry at the same rate i was last week! (be thankful that it is just pee!)

    great job on the activity points! i am soooooo impressed with your loss! i hope mine is just as good tomorrow...i am planning to get the scale moving in the right direction! i logged 46 activity points this week! that high intensity step aerobics class (avg of 600 calories burned according to the trainers) has really helped my AP add up!

    i hope you have another great week!

  4. OMG AMANDA!! i was near tears! !! 80 freaking pounds girl!!!!! woohooo!!!!!

    Good on you honey!! Good on you!!!