Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is that really me???

I love you guys and I love your interest in my textillic pursuits. And man, was it fun. I have yet to actually add up all the receipts from my shopping. But here's my exciting news...I bought size MEDIUM clothes. Yes...not only can I shop in regular clothing stores...I'm not stuck buying the biggest size there. What a boost for me. Oh, and Finleigh's an excellent shopper...she's gonna be her mama's girl.

Here I am in a little outfit I bought at Jacob Connexion. Jacob is my very favoritest store for clothes for me. I love pretty much everything they have there and after I tried on a few things...I found that everything fits pretty much perfect. It was a sad day for me when I realized that I could not shop there anymore...6 years ago. But now I can again - even their pants (bottom heavy, remember?). And the prices are reasonable. $20 for a shirt as compared to $50 at some other stores I walked into, and then walked right back out of.

And here I am bending over to help Finny and my husband's foot. I'm not real sure why he took this picture, but I like to see myself in other poses besides just plain standing. It's coming.

My perspective is slowly changing. A good friend of mine told me this week that I don't look like someone who's lost weight, but just like I've always been that way. A co-worker of Brian's said kinda the same things a month back. I met her for the first time and then the next week, Brian happened to be showing people my current and before pictures. She was shocked and had just assumed I'd always looked the way I did now. I still feel like the fat girl. I still kinda hesitate to walk into those 'normal' sized clothing stores wondering what the sales girls must think of me. Since I've spent the majority of my life overweight or obese...this is gonna take some time to get used to. And being that my goal is still 20 pounds away (mostly in my butt and thighs) I'm still not quite where I wanna be.

I'll post more pics as I wear my new clothes.

But I do need to confess that my eating...once again...went out the window this weekend. Ah well, I'm back on track today, and that's the important thing.


  1. You look simply marvelous!!!

  2. That's a great outfit! I totally hear you about feeling like the "fat girl" - its a tough thing to shed. We moved to a new town well into my weight loss efforts last time, and so no one there realized that I had been overweight before. It was totally weird for me to think that those people just thought I was a "normal" sized person. Weird. Can't wait to have those weird thoughts again!! :o)
    Anyway, you're doing fantastic. Glad you enjoyed your week - don't worry about a gain - it happens! Keep up your excellent work!!

  3. You're just Amanda to me.
    Thanks for being you.

  4. you look beautiful my dear.