Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Naterrific part 2

I wanted to share a few pictures of my sweet 3 year old during his birthday celebrations. Here he is at the park. His in-town cousins came and played with him.

Here he is that evening with his a cupcake since I wanted to save the actual cake for the weekend. Wish I woulda thought to wash the spaghetti and meat sauce off his face before serving the cake.

And here he is this past weekend with his real cake. What a sweetie. He loved his Cars birthday cake.

Natey's been a little under the weather and so a bit clingy. But not a bad, whiny clingy. More like a I-just-wanna-be-close-to-you-mommy kinda clingy. He's on my lap right now, just snuggling away. It's exciting to watch your children grow and change into the person they will become, but I will miss this little guy's toddler stage. He was such an easy kid. He's beginning to assert himself more...which is really good, just a wee bit more challenging.


  1. Awww he looks SO excited for his real cake!! Kids are too cute

  2. Holy Cow! Did YOU make that Cars cake?? Wow. If so, I'd like one delivered to my door on or around November 22nd of this year please for William's third birthday. :o)
    Happy Birthday Nate!!

  3. there is nothing wrong with snuggling!

  4. all that cake looks yummy! i think the spagetti face is cute! it will give you a reminder of what his birthday dinner was!