Friday, June 27, 2008

What a year can do!

Today is my 1 year anniversary with Weight Watchers. One year ago today, I took a deep breath and dove into the challenge of shedding my excess pounds.

I wasn't exactly the most willing 'dieter' in the world, but I started and decided simply to stick with it.

Here I am visiting some friends in Camrose about a week before I started. Natey was scared of their dog (even though he LOVES dogs) and I was down on the ground helping get to know the pup.

At first, I figured I'd just take it a few pounds at a time. I gave myself 3 months and then told myself I'd see. And of course those 3 months came and went and I was hooked. I found some huge inspiration in a blog by Shrunk...a girl who's famous around the Canadian WW's boards. When I saw her progress pics, I knew I could do it too. So, I refused to give up.

And I haven't given up. 20 pounds away from my goal, I've slowed down considerably, but I'm still chuggin' along. I have no intention of stopping my monthly payments to WW's online anytime soon.

Here I am bowling a couple weekends ago. It's from the back, but I'm still happy with my silhouette.

So, what has a year done?

Well, my measurements have certainly changed. Bust: 45"-36.5"=8.5". Waist: 47"-33.5"=13.5" (gack!!!). Hips: 51"-40.5"=10.5". My hips? Now smaller than my waist or bust were to begin with. Holy crap. Seriously...when I look at those numbers, I cringe. I've gone from a 1x/2x top to a medium/large, size 22 pants to 11/13. What a huge difference 80 pounds, exercise and a year can make.

I have to be honest here...I really am wearying of focusing on weight loss. I believe to be successful, it has to be a really high priority and it has been. I also know that to keep this weight off, it will still need to be a high priority. Will it be worth it...yes! I do hope I can do it.

This week's been another mediocre week on the weight loss front, but still...look where I've come from in a year!!! My husband is so proud of me. He shows my pictures around at work and doesn't hesitate to tell people I've lost 80 lbs. That makes me feel pretty good.

So, I'll keep plugging on. One day at a time, as it were.

And thanks to all those who have supported me so far on this journey...your support has meant (and still means) a lot.


  1. Way to go!! I'm so proud of you for chugging away!! I've been thinking of giving WW another go! I've been trying to go it alone, since I stopped WW last fall. I've been following your progress and I must say that I'm inspired. This time around I think I will try it online...You're looking absolutely amazing!! HUGS!!!!

  2. Amanda, its amazing what you've accomplished in the past year. I'm just so impressed with your stick-to-it-iveness (how on earth do you spell that?) and with your success. You inspire me greatly. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! Here's to another great year of healthy eating and living - may you weigh less than you do today in another year!! :o)
    Wait to go.