Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is this really where I live??? Really?

It was quite a day.

I woke up this morning and hopped on the treadmill. Got some great exercise in. Brian headed to work and I had myself prepared for a nice quiet day as the first day of summer vacation. I made the kids pancakes and we had a nice leisurely breakfast.

Then it all started to fall apart.

First off, the adjacent townhouse to ours is owned by a local company that lets their workers stay there when they're in town...since they all commute. One of the guys that stays there from time to time is very obnoxious. This morning (he must have just come off nights) he was out on his balcony cat calling the girls that walked by and lining up beer bottles with his buddy. There were 4 beer bottles lined up on the balcony by 10am. 10AM!!!

Then, one of Will's classmates came over to play, uninvited. One day I may go more into detail about him, but I'll give an overview. He's a very loud child, sweet, but loud. He doesn't know his phone number and it's obvious to me that his parents aren't overly involved in his life. I decided to let him come in and play...until lunch. It was near impossible to get him out of the house because he did NOT want to go...but I was adamant that I would not be feeding him lunch until I'd talked to his mom.

He stopped by again around 4pm to tell me that the police wouldn't let him go to the store to get milk for his mom. There were a bunch of police cars and a kid had been hurt. I told him to go straight he was taking off his shoes to come in.

Not 10 minutes later, a friend called me worried that Will had been locked in the school (because the last day of school for the rest of the kids was today). What??? Turned out that someone (an adult male) had been shot in our neighborhood somewhere and the schools were closed and our entire subdivision was on 'lockdown'. SERIOUSLY!!! I made sure our doors were locked, closed the windows and watched out the window as helicopters flew by and police cars trolled the neighborhood.

Brian, still at work was unable to come home because no one was allowed in or out. He ended up at my parents' house. Nice for him to have a place to go. Nice for me to know he was safe.

They opened up our neighborhood about an hour ago (hopefully they caught the guy?) and my husband is safely home to keep me safe. And I'm ready to have a lazy, QUIET, day tomorrow.

Except I expect I'll be seeing the neighborhood boy pretty early in the morning. Sigh.


  1. crazy i heard about it on the radio and actually saw the cars backed up when I was going to a friends at 6 and then just coming home at 10:15 I saw the traffic crawling up the hill... crazy! a shooting, this is happening too much around this town.

  2. hey don't feel bad about abasand, my friend was telling me that her neighbor two houses down is a crack dealer. She lives right up the hill from me. Oh this town is going downhill fast, I better keep praying!!!!

  3. That's really scary! Here's to a wonderfully relaxing, neighborhood boy free, day for you very soon!

  4. oh my! that's quite the day!! hope today is MUCH better!