Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It came!

Pulling a picture off their website would be much more visually pleasing, but here is proof that my Cupcake Courier came!

And look at the sweet little box it comes in too.

Yes, my utter housewifely dorkiness can definitely come out sometimes when you see me get so very excited about something like a container that holds cupcakes...but it's pretty. And it's darn functional. And seems to be of excellent quality. I can hardly wait to try it...but really...my hips cannot afford that right now...so I will have to wait.

So, thank you Mommy's United and Cupcake Courier! They're still giving away a couple more, so if you'd like one, go on over to the Mommy's United site and enter their 12 week contest.


  1. Very nice! My sister actually bought herself one from a store in Calgary, the only place in Canada right now that sells them. She talks about it ALL of the time!

  2. That is just so cool! I can't believe you actually won one! Good for you!