Thursday, July 10, 2008

Motivation #5


In my house, saying this word is as bad as swearing. I think it's just a bad excuse to be lazy or stop trying. I tell my kids that saying can't is for quitters and we never get anything worth having by quitting when things get a little hard. Now, of course, they often say can't when they feel overwhelmed and I have to equip them to look at a situation, break it down and tackle it bit by bit...but that will come with time. In the meantime, I continue to work at keeping the phrase "I can't" out of their vocabulary. They can say, "I won't", "I don't want to", "It's not worth the effort", but not "I can't"!

I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I turned around and said the same thing, now wouldn't I? In the face of what I've been reading now that says chances are, I won't keep this weight off, maintaining a healthy weight is daunting. This article talks about how hard it is for us to maintain weight in our society. This article tells us that our genes won't let us keep the weight off. And really, we all know that keeping the weight off after losing a significant amount of weight is not the norm. So, with all this negativity telling me I can't, it makes me want to prove it all wrong!

This article gives me hope. Jared from the Subway commercials has kept it off for 10 years now. It's possible, it's just not easy.

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  1. ohhh it's possible and we are DOING IT!

    It's it amazing how much better our kids make US! I tell my 3 year old all the time "there is no try" when he says it then I realize I have to listen to my own advice too.